Industrial multi-phase flow


These problems show high level of complexity due to their multi-phase nature and the presence of moving parts. All these features were easily incorporated in our simulations, including couplings between moving rotors and fluids. These examples show that coping with all the relevant mechanisms of a model is never an issue for our software, due to its stable and fully parallel structure.

In this showcase we address the effect of an axial pump immersed in water. The pump rotates at 1024 rotations per minute, and has a radius of 0.04 m. Capillary waves due to surface tension can be observed on the surface. The appearance of small droplets highlights that atomization effects are fully resolved.

Water under the action of a an axial pump, fluid interface is shown.



In this show case, we consider multiple miscible fluid components with chemical reactions. The video shows the velocity field on three planes. Complex physical phenomena are taking place like unsteady turbulent flows, capillary effects due to surface tension and gravity, heat and mass transfer, reaction of multiple species and fully submerged rotating parts.


Velocity field on the three main planes. Courtesy of Repsol S.A.


Our software handles any type of moving geometry and fully resolves its motion, no matter if the simulation includes a cylindrical symmetry or not.


A strong point in favor of our tool is the ability to achieve extremely high resolution, even in complex multi-phase flow. In the following example, atomization is experienced with a fluid which, after being injected with some rotational motion from a nozzle, forms a thin conical sheet.

Water interface for the spray.
During the simulation an algorithm tracks in real time the atomization process and detects the formation of new droplets. These are highlighted by circles whose radius is proportional to the actual radius of the droplet.

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