Rivers and Canals

Like everything in our software, the free-surface model relies on a compuationally powerful kernel and easily handles the multiple scale levels occurring in practical engineering situations. As an example, we present here a free-surface flow in a 1,500 meter long section, representing the junction between the rivers Rhône and Arve in downstream direction of Geneva (Switzerland). The photography below shows the junction of these two rivers, with the city of Geneva and its emblematic fountain in the background.

jonction rhone

Image Courtesy from Andrea Parmigiani

The simulation is fully 3D and serves the prediction of sediment transports and erosion/deposition processes in the Rhône. The image below depicts the simulated wall shear stresses in the riverbed, which relate to the ability of the sediments to settle or erode.


Image Courtesy from University of Geneva

Of particular interest are the drainings of the rive Rhône, during which the water level is lowered to wash out the river bed and get rid of sediment excesses over a period of several days. The Palabos code in this case simulates the erosion and transport of sediments, and also takes into account the varying shape of the river bed:

Courtesy from University of Geneva

Further examples of free-surface flow are available on the Palabos Web page.


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