Showcases: our consulting activities

We are the core developing team for Numeca International's Lattice Boltzmann software Omnis/LB, which is used by experts in many fields to tackle the complexity of modern CFD.

In targeted applications areas, our team is also available to execute the CFD engineering tasks for your project, and provide you with a detailed CFD analysis and simulation results. This page lists a few activities in which we provide specialized consulting services. Please contact us if you would like to use our services in another domain not listed here. Examples of various models in action are shown on the Palabos home page.

washing machine

Fluid-Structure interaction is yet another one of our software's great strengths. The capability of our code to handle moving geometries in highly turbulent time-dependent fluid flow simulations, is coupled with a structural solver module, which accounts for the motion of deformable surfaces as they interact with the fluid, the rigid solid components and with themselves. All of this fully parallel in a robust and high performance computing setting. A nice example is the full numerical simulation of a washing machine.

To demonstrate the fluid-structure interaction module of our software, we present an example of a turbulent flow inside a top-loading clothes washing machine. For this purpose, we use a model washer which consists of a vertical-axis drum and a high-speed impeller.

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multiphase icon

Our software is the right tool for simulating multiphase flow with high accuracy, high resolution, and complex physics. An interesting example is a two-phase fluid subjected to a stirring rotor, or fluid atomization in a swirling spray.

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magmaOne of the major strengths of our software resides in its ability to solve a problem fast on a high resolution mesh. An example is the simulation of flows through porous media: we propose fully resolved, pore-scale simulations in large portions of the domain, where other CFD tools would fail to construct a pore-scale mesh and are restricted to the use of simplified continuum models.

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wss aneurysmOur CFD tool is ideal for the solution of complicated internal flow problems. Blood flow in arterial trees, and the study of medical devices insterted into a blood vessel is just one example for which we provide important insights. Another demo application investigates the surgical injection of cement into a bone, and impresses with highly efficient multi-phase physics in a complex porous media.

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convection logo

Another of our key features is the efficient simulation of complex, coupled physical phenomena: from multi-phase and free-surface flow to thermal or particle-laden flows, all models can be combined to produce rich physics. Thermal convection in buildings is one of these topics with complex physics where our software delivers cutting-edge performance and accuracy.

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Our software naturally combines classical mesh-based CFD with particle-based, meshless approaches to obtain the best from both worlds: accuracy and convergence guarantees from the mesh, and finer-than-the-grid surface tracking from the meshless ingredients. A beautiful application area is the simulation of fluid mixers: the exponential growth of the fluid interface during the resists all attempts from classical tools.

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Rhone River

High performance computing is also a central keyword for the simulation of large-scale free surface flows. Our software easily handles long sections of rivers and canals, and provides a fully resolved 3D flow structure.

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