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We develop Palabos, a sophisticated software for standard CFD and complex fluidics. Get professional support for you and your team through one of our support packages. Our support team members are all directly involved in the core development of Palabos and have long-year experience with the library. The offer covers from installation support and technical troubleshooting to project incubation and area-specific usage advice.

 If the two packages proposed below don't match your needs, please call us or send us a message to get a personalized offer.

Starter Package - 1 month

With the starter package, you will get up and running quickly with Palabos. We will set up a Palabos application for your individual needs, and train you to install it, run it, and adapt it.

Package includes:

  • Interaction with the customer to determine the specifications of the application. Formulation of a quote.
  • Set up of the application within one month after the beginning of the starter package.
  • Guidance on installation and execution of the application.
  • Instructions on how to modify and adapt the application to different problems.
  • 1 Month remote support, equivalent to Basic Edition, after the application has been delivered.


  • We will ask you to submit initially the details of the application to be developed within the starter package, and it will be determined if this application is eligible.


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Gold Edition - 1 year

Gold Edition provides targeted support for your project and includes general advice, including estimations of feasibility, advice on the choice of numerical model, and help with the implementation. Our support team will interact with you to understand its needs and provide personalized support.

Support includes:

  • Analysis of your project, choice of numerical model and integration in Palabos.
  • Set up of an initial application to get the project started.
  • Implementation advice for your own programs.
  • Monthly video-conferencing for personalized advice.

The number of team members eligible for support is not restricted with the Gold Edition support package.



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