FlowKit Ltd. was founded in September 2011 by four associate partners originating from the Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, and from Geneva University. With backgrounds from fluid dynamics, theoretical physics, bioengineering and computer science, they gathered their knowledge to develop a product that innovates the field of computational fluid dynamics.

The flagship product of the company is the open-source CFD software Palabos which runs with high efficiency on common PCs as well as on massive parallel computers, and which covers a large range of complex physical applications. Palabos has been developped by the four associates over more than ten years, and is being continuously extended and refined. The Palabos software is freely available, while FlowKit Ltd. offers consulting, training, support, and develops additional pieces of software and end-user applications for you. Learn more about the company's commitment and open-source philosophy.

The company headquarters are located in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, at the border of the lovely lake of Geneva. Personalized support is offered to companies installed in the area of the Geneva lake, as well to international companies and institutes at any location.



jonas2Jonas Latt, CEO

Dr. Jonas Latt has been working in the domain of lattice Boltzmann methods and high performance computing for more than ten years.  He has co-authored many publications in the domain and he is the main developer and supervisor of the Palabos project. His domains of expertise include software development, parallel computing, fluid dynamics, mixing processes and biomedical engineering.

General manager of FlowKit Ltd, he also continues to coordinate the development of Palabos software.


dimitri2Dimitrios Kontaxakis, CTO

Dr. Dimitrios Kontaxakis has been involved in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics for more than ten years. He has worked and is experienced in software development, parallel computing, Lattice Bolzmann methods, fluid-structure interaction algorithms and high-order methods for computational physics.

As the FlowKit manager of scientific development, he coordinates the development of new CFD models.


yann4Yann Sagon, CIO

Yann Sagon is an experienced developper and team manager in the fields of web infrastructure, large scale IT systems and cloud computing.

In FlowKit he is in charge of the internal IT systems and he manages the deployment of Palabos software on parallel machines and cloud environments.



orestisOrestis Malaspinas, Academic Affiliate

Dr. Orestis Malaspinas is a senior researcher in the fields of Lattice Bolzmann non-Newtonian fluids and turbulence modeling. He contributed to the Palabos software by developping advanced turbulence and turbulent boundary layer models. 

One of the four founding members of the company, he conducts his research activities at the University of Geneva and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) where he maintains and encourages academic contributions to the numerical models implemented in Palabos.



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