Our Commitment


Modern CFD -- complex problems, accurate solutions

Do you wish to numerically reproduce the flow from an industrial process or a lab experiment? In rare cases should you expect to find a single mathematical equation that summarizes your problem. Instead, a complex fluid rheology, the interaction of the flow with moving solid parts, and many other physical components contribute to form a system that is both subtle to describe and to solve. We have taken up the challenge of incorporating the complexity of real-life problems into a CFD suite, and yet offering a rigorous framework with guarantees for the validity and accuracy of the solution. Modern numerical tools, based on a kinetic theory of gases, make this possible as they use a single model to tackle most varied physical phenomena -- and as they address a problem as a whole, considering on an equal footing mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Open-Source excellence

Our flagship product, the software library Palabos, is available free of charge to anyone under the terms of an open-source license (the AGPLv3 license). The license allows you to download the code, to use it for academic or commercial applications, to read the source code, and to write your own derivative code. At every step of this process you are backed by our professional team, from which you can obtain commercial support in the form of troubleshooting, training, or code development.

The open-source license most notably implies that we have nothing to hide, and that our code can be trusted. All decisions we make can be inspected, reviewed and criticized by anyone who feels the authority to do so. Through regular feedback from a worldwide base of experts, we thus constantly question our software in terms of mathematical and physical validity, and make the necessary improvements.

Transparency is of course only imposed to our own software and implementation choices. When you use Palabos, the confidentiality of your data, simulations and results is guaranteed at all moments. The open-source model leaves you free to use software for your internal purposes at the level of confidentiality you decide to apply.

On our side, we guarantee the quality and safety of every single line of the code through a fine-grained, intensive form of open-source management. Fluid dynamics is a field full of obstacles and pitfalls -- our core development team therefore carefully selects, and manually integrates community contributions into Palabos.

We believe that fluid mechanics is one of the most beautiful current challenges at the interface of engineering and research. Our commitment to open-source development reflects this point of view, and it opens the path to joint efforts for the development of new technologies.



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