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Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, FlowKit was founded in 2011 by four partners from academia and Lattice Boltmann engineering. Main founding partner Jonas Lätt is, as of today, general manager of FlowKit-Numeca Group Ltd.

FlowKit-Numeca Group Ltd is a software development and consultancy company for computational fluid dynamics. A technology leader for lattice Boltzmann methods, FlowKit-Numeca Group is composed of a team of experts keen to innovate and propose new solutions in the field of computer-aided engineering. The company maintains strong ties with academia, and has built a partnership with the University of Geneva to bring high-end research output in lattice Boltzmann techniques to the market. FlowKit-Numeca Group is a Switzerland-based subsidiary of Numeca International, and develops the kernel of Numeca's Lattice Boltzmann solver OMNIS/LB.

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 The following animation shows the velocity field for water under the action of the axial pump. The z-component of the velocity is plotted.


Velocity field for water subjected to the action of an axial pump.


The next image contains the highly-resolved water-air interface. Even small droplets are accurately represented as it can be seen on the left side of the picture.


This image shows once more the water-air interface, now focusing on the precise representation of capillary waves.


Incidentally, a thin jet is initially projected in the middle of the spray, before the cone is fully developed. This jet offers a nice example of a Rayleigh-Plateau instability, as it breaks up under the effect of surface tension. This can be seen if the liquid sheet is cut out from the above video.

Click on the following image to inspect the 3D flow structure of the spray interactively!

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