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NUMECA International acquires FlowKit, expanding its LB based multiphysics applications


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BRUSSELS, Belgium - August 27th 2018. NUMECA International, a global leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) multiphysics and optimization, is pleased to announce today the recent acquisition of all shares of the Lausanne-based company, Flowkit Ltd., a technology company specialized in Lattice Boltzmann methods.

This acquisition comes two years after the parties signed an exclusive partnership for the industrial exploitation of the Lattice Boltzmann (LB) code PALABOS. During this period a new enhanced monolithic Lattice Boltzmann code has been developed with extended capabilities, OMNIS™/LB, fully integrated in the OMNIS™ Platform, now available to worldwide customers.

Charles Hirsch, President of NUMECA Int. highlights

With the acquisition of FlowKit and its longstanding experience in the development of advanced LB methodologies, NUMECA Int. is offering a state-of-the-art range of LB based multiphysics applications. NUMECA will hereby provide customers with an extended and diverse portfolio of combined Navier-Stokes and Lattice Boltzmann methodologies, highly integrated in one common platform OMNIS™, allowing adapting the underlying tools and methods to the specific industries.

Jonas Latt, Director of FlowKit-Numeca Group, shares

We are looking forward, with enthusiasm, at the extended partnership with NUMECA towards the further joint development and applications of OMNIS™/LB.

About NUMECA International

NUMECA International is a leading developer and provider of Grid Generation, Multi-physics CFD software systems for analysis, design and optimization of industrial products and processes, with emphasis in the domains of turbomachinery, marine, aeronautics, aerospace, energy, chemical processes and multi-physics. NUMECA offers an extended suite of software systems covering a broad range of applications for both internal and external flows, including fluid-structure, fluid thermal, aero-acoustic interactions.
Driven by creativity, innovation & quality, we proudly turn our passion into innovative software toolsets that support the world's leading industries.
More info on www.numeca.com.
More info about OMNIS™/LB.

About FlowKit-Numeca Group Ltd

FlowKit-Numeca Group Ltd is a software development and consultancy company for computational fluid dynamics. A technology leader for lattice Boltzmann methods, FlowKit-Numeca Group is composed of a team of experts keen to innovate and propose new solutions in the field of computer-aided engineering. The company maintains strong ties with academia, and has built a partnership with the University of Geneva to bring high-end research output in lattice Boltzmann techniques to the market. FlowKit-Numeca Group is a Switzerland-based subsidiary of NUMECA International, and develops the kernel of NUMECA's Lattice Boltzmann solver OMNIS™/LB.
More info on https://www.flowkit-numecagroup.com

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