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  • NUMECA-FlowKit Partnership Announcement

    NUMECA and FLOWKIT are proud to announce the establishment of an exclusive partnership around the industrial exploitation of the Lattice Boltzmann code Palabos.

  • LBM Mooc

    Get an introduction to the lattice Boltzmann method in this #MOOC, in the lesson of Week 5.

  • New CFD demos

    New videos on the web site illustrate the use of the Palabos software in medical engineering, geophysics, and energy.


  • Palabos 1.4 released

    Immersed boundaries, moving objects.




Professional solutions for the

simulation of fluids and complex

physics in mechanical, chemical,

naval and medical engineering.





Medical research

Red-blood-cells, flexible arteries, aneurysms, stenoses, micro-meter stents,... The Thrombus project relies on our efficient Palabos software to tackle medical physics.
The Thrombus project, is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission in the Seventh Framework Programme. The core of the project is to develop and validate a biological model of spontaneous or stent-induced thrombosis in intracranial aneurysms.
Sulzer Innotec
Simulating industrial processes

Through our services, Sulzer Innotec extends the range of its simulations, to boldly go where no CFD software has gone before.
Sulzer Innotec, the research and development unit of the Sulzer Corporation has made substantial contributions towards opening up new business for Sulzer for 60 years. The company also offers its expertise on the open market in the form of contract R&D and specialized technical services.
SB technique

With the help of FlowKit's module for thermal convection, the energetic concept of a building is efficiently simulated and anticipated.
SB technique's engineering consultancy works in the fields of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Solar Power. SB technique strives for globally sustainable solutions by integrating renewable energy sources while minimizing use of fossil fuels.

Ever tried to combine multi phase flow, porous media, chemical reaction, miscible and immiscible flow, all in one? Palabos overcomes barriers in CFD, fast and parallel.
A global company that seeks the welfare of people and is a step ahead in building a better future through the development of smart energy. With effort, talent and enthusiasm, Repsol is making progress to deliver the best energy solutions for society and the planet.

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